VYZYO™ adaptable Value-Added Services

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Mobile Financial Services

VYZYOPay™ is a complete Mobile Financial Services Suite which enables Banks, Fintechs and Mobile Operators to put in place and operate a state of the art Payment and Money Transfer service.
We offer a Technical, Business and Regulatory Ready Platform for Fintechs to instantly start their Fintech Business with a minimum investment.
Our aim is to become the Leading Fintech Operator to build an infrastructure that enables Fintechs to start instantly their business.


Tailored Value Added Services

VYZYOVAS™ is a set of Value Added Services ranging from education to entertainment that include HTML5 games, education, cloud storage, music streaming and more.
These VYZYOVAS services are customizable and adapted to local markets in each country. With VYZYOVAS™ we simplify access to knowledge and entertainment.

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User Engagement Tools

VYZYOContact™ is a Multichannel Messaging Platform used to deliver messages and content to subscribers’ handsets. It is suitable for services such as Mass Marketing Campaigns, User Engagement, Outbound Dialer, Missed Call Alerts, Survey, SMS and Voice OTP delivery among possible services.

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VAS Aggregation

VYZYOGate™ Aggregation platform allows creating a PaaS (Platform as a Service) infrastructure which aggregates all Operators’ channels and exposes Operators’ network resources such as : SMS-MT, SMS-MO, Inbound Calls, Outbound Calls, USSD-Push, USSD-Pull, service Charging, VAS services, etc.

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Global School Administration Tool

VYZYOSchool™ is a modular and integrated solution which facilitates the management, accounting and administration of a school.

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Ease Fuel Payment In The Territory

VYZYOOil™ is a digital platform for energy payment in gas stations. It provides a flexible payment device through Mobile phone and/or loyalty fuel card.
VYZYOOil™ also offers fuel fleet management for enterprises to better allocate and track the fuel usage in the company.
Through interoperability, VYZYOOil™ also allows non-blocking and open payments in a network of affiliated distributers/tankers in their own or franchized stations, making the combined stations look like one single network of stations. This allows each distributor to offer its services beyond its own stations to its subscribers, and increase its revenue.